The Acropolis of Athens

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The Acorpolis of Athens is a limestone structure. The Acropolis is a flat topped rock that is raised 150m/512feet off the ground. The main architect of the Acropolis was named Mnesicles. He was a colleague of another man called Phidias.
The best time of the to go see the Aropolis is in late winter or spring because grass and wild flowers grow through all the cracks of Acropolis.
Acropolis means high city in Greek and is known as the sacred rock.external image 200px-Ac.acropolis3.JPG
Athens began it history as a Nealithic hill fort on top of the Acropolis, sometime in the thrid millennium BC. The Acropolis is in a natural defence position, in the middle of surrounding plains. The settlement is about 20km inland from the Saranic Gulf. The Acropolis of Athens was built in the mid 6th centruy.
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