Angkor Wat

Location: Angkor Wat is located in Angkor, Cambodia.
external image 280px-Angkor_wat_temple.jpg
Built by: Hundreds of slaves
in: The early twelth century
for: The temple was built for King Suryavarman the 2nd.
because: Angkor Wat was constructed for the King to use as a external image 280px-Angkor-Wat-from-the-air.JPGcapital city and a prayer temple-we think this is why it is carved with devatas(figures of minor women goddesses or deities).

Appearance and Set-up- The temple stands in the middle of a wide moat enclosed on both sides by bush. On the "island" in the middle, the mighty temple is surrounded by lush green foliage. The temple's outer walls are 3.6 km long! Inside the walls at the centre of the main temple, the tower piece, there is an arrangement of five smaller towers- they were constructed in a shape exactly like the dots on a dice. This is called a quincunx. Aside from these towers, the other main buildings are three rectangular galleries each on top of the other. Connecting the island to the city and bush around are two long, narrow pathways.

History- Angkor Wat was pretty short-lived - it started to detoriorate soon after King Suryavarman II died. Luckily, a team of builders started working on Angkor Wat in the early 20th century and it is now fully reconstructed and strengthened so it will last for yeaexternal image 280px-Angkor1866.jpgrs and years to come.

Interesting facts: Angkor Wat is actually the centrepiece on the Cambodian flag! it is also one of the main tourist attractions for Cambodia.

To the right-Angkor Wat in 1956 before it was reconstructed.

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