Give credit where credit is due, by creating a reference for every online resource you use.

To cite an image (graphic, picture, map, photo), you can use the following format from Classroom Connect:
(colour coded to help you see what needs to be included)

Description or title of image. [Online image] Available http://address/filename, Date.

To create a text citation, you'll need to collect four pieces of information from the web page. Here is how to find and write down each one:

  1. Author
    Usually at top or bottom of page. Use this format: Lastname, Firstname MI.
    If no author name can be found, use the editor or the compiler of the information
  2. Title
    Usually at the top of the web page or in the title bar of the browser window.
  3. URL
    The web address, starting with http:
  4. Date//
    The date on the page or the date you are looking at the page. Use this format: January 1, 2007


Savage, Anne. How to Cite a Web Resource. [Online] Available, May 8, 2007.