The Great Wall of China

Where is it located?

The great wall is located in China. It stretches over across the mountains of northern China winding north and north west of Beijing. It was built to protect their land from the steppes of Mongolia. It was built over 2000 years ago by Quin Shi Huangdi. He was the emperor of China.

Height width and length

In Chinese the wall is called "wan li qang-qeng" which means 10,000 metre wall. That means that it's 5000 kilometres long. It ranges in thickness from about 4.5 to 9 metres (15 to 39 feet) and isexternal image new2gw0.gif up to 7.5 metres (25 feet tall). The wall is one of the last existing megastructures in the world and is a human made structure. It is constructed of masonry rocks and packed earth.

Why should you vote for the Great Wall of China?

The Great Wall of China has been here for many many years.It is man made and built without modern machinary. Imagine the people who built the wall that would of been long hard days of back breaking work. It is one of the most amazing structures on this planet. Thousands of people lost their lives building the Great Wall and it's visible from outer space!external image chinamap1.gif

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