The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Is it still in existence?

We don't know if it actually existed but it is highly probable as there are pictures of its remainings.
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Where is it Located?
The location of Babylon is unclear. Some people say it was 50 km away from Baghdad, Iraq and some people say it was in Ancient Greece.

Created when? By whom

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were built 2,500 years ago by the king of Mesopotamia called Nebuchadnezzar ll. Nebuchadnezzar II was the 2nd king of the Neo-Babylon Empire.

Details about significance

Nebuchadnezzar built the terraced gardens to make his wife, Amytis, happy because she didn't like the Babylon desert. She had come from the lush green land of the north of Persia where she had lived in a palace filled with many plants and fountains, as well as the mountainous land all around her. The pair had married to form an important alliance between Mesopotamia and Persia, so it was important the marriage was happy, otherwise it may have resulted in a war. So the King built the gardens like a giant mountain with plantexternal image chainpum.gifs all around in the hope to imitate her homeland. Inside the gardens there was every kind of plant available in the kingdom. There was just one problem the gardens couldn't survive without water so they had to pump water from the Euphrates River with a special system. It took three hundred servants to operate it!


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