Task 1

What makes a wonder?

Task 2

Individual Research

Each of you has been assigned a current wonder to individually research. This must be completed by the end of Week 1.
Individual Research Guidelines + Oral Presentation Guidelines
Individual Research Guidelines + Oral Presentation Guidelines (Word Document format)
Research Sheet

At the end of Week 2 all students will meet to share their findings on their wonder via a SHORT oral presentation.

Task 3

Room 9 & Room 18 will meet on Monday to elect a Task Manager.
By the end of Week 3 all groups must have completed the following tasks
  • A collaborative summary of all research findings added to Ancient Wonders page. (Refer to above guidelines for information required).
  • An informative 4-5minute powerpoint presentation about your assigned Ancient Wonder.

PowerPoint Rubric

PowerPoint Rubric
PowerPoint Rubric (Word Document Format)

Task 4

New 7 Wonders of the World

Each group (3) has been given a new wonder. Each group has to present an argument that convinces us to vote for that WONDER to be in the 7 new wonders of the world.
There is two parts to this task:
  1. A 4-5 minute presentation that must include a powerpoint presentation to be shared in class.
  2. Information put on the Wikispace to convince readers to vote for their wonder. Remember that people outside of our classes will be reading this – convince them to vote for the new wonder you have researched.

Some tips for your presentation can be found here.

Task 5

Details soon!

Task 6

Details soon!

List of Activities

List of Classroom Activities