The Kiyomizu
The Kiyomizu is hugely popular and it is a must do if you are nearby.
The main hall is built into pillars and it is placed at the foot of a mountain. The original Kiyomizu temple
dates back from the eigth century. The temple was founded in 798 and is named for a waterfall nearby. Kiyomizu
means pure water. The most well known feature of the Kiyomizu is its huge verander off the main hall It's an impressive site.
The water below the verander is said to have healing properties.

People go to the Kiyomizu hoping to find love!
The sub temple Jishu-Jinga has two love stones placed roughly 20 metres apart. People try to walk from one stone to the other in
a straight line and if they make it then they will find love. (well thats what people believe)
beacuse the kiyomizu is a heritage site it has recently been submitted as a candidate to the no 7 wounders of the world. Its open from 6am to 6pm daily.