What are they?
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The Kremlin is a bunch of historic buildings surround by a big wall.

Where are they located?
They are located in the heart of Moscow in Russia.

What is the Kremlin made out of?????
The Kremlin is made out of brick and the roofs are made of gold!!

Created by whom and when?
The Kremlin has a long history. It was first built in 1156 as a residence for Ivan in 1367 – 1368 by Italian Masters. The stone walls and towers
of the Kremlin were erected and Moscow began to be called “white stone.”
The walls are 3.5- 6.7 metres wide.
It was destroyed by the Mongols in 1237 so in 1485-1495, the Kremlin was totally rebuilt, with brick.
In the15th centaury Tsar Ivan ordered that the area outside the Kremlin was to be cleared to make room for a market and that is now the Red Square.
Once the Red Square was finished, according to the legend, Ivan was so impressed with his work he had the architects blinded so that they could not
make something so amazing again.

Why you should vote for it!
The walls around the building are 3.5-6.7 metres wide and that is like hudge!!!!!!!
You should also vote for it because it represents fortitude and symbolism. It also has gold on the top of it. I mean when was the last time you saw that.

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