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Location:The Lighthouse of Alexandria was located on the island of Pharos. This is in the city of Alexandria, in Egypt.
Details of the significance:
The Lighthouse was 117m in height and stood for 1,500 years. The Lighthouse Of Alexandria was the first ever lighthouse to be built in the world. In 956AD an earthquake hit the lighthouse leaving little damage to it. In 1303 & 1323AD even stronger earthquakes struck the lighthouse leaving more damage to it.
Its mirror dazzled scientists and could be seen 50km (35miles) off shore. Also it was very useful because it was used to detect and burn ships before they reached shore.
In Novemer 1996 a team of divers searched the Mediterranean Sea, and found some of the remains of the Lighthouse of Alexandria.
Still Exist?, If not when destroyed:
No, the Lighthouse Of Alexandria doesn't exist anymore. It was destroyed by a series of earthquakes, but was finished off in 1480AD. It was the last wonder to disappear of six.

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