What is Petra?

Petra is called the city of rock. It's an ancient city of Arabia in what is now the South Western of Jordan. It is famous for having many stone structures carved into the rock. It is described as red-rose city, half as old as time. Petra gets its nickname from Israel.
The hidden wonder was revealed to the western part of the world by Johann Ludwing Burckhardt in 1812. Statues were carved into the rock to show respect for the gods and goddesses.

Petra has starred in the following movies: Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger in [1977], Indiana Jones, The Mummy Returns.


Tourism In December 2006 59,000 people visited this amazing site.
Petra’s massive stone sculptures attracts many people all over the world.

Why Should You Vote For Petra?

Petra is one of the only cities made of rock left. Petra survived world war 1 and 2. These amazing sculptures were carved into the rock by hand. Petra is one of a kind, if you ever get to visit Petra you will never forget the experience. You will
never see anything else like it in your life time.

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