Great Pyramid



The great pyramids of Giza are located in Cairo, Egypt.
It is the oldest of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World and the only one left standing today.

The great pyramid is the largest in Egypt. It was believed to have taken over 20 years to complete.
The structure contains approximately 2 million blocks each weighing more than 2 tonnes.
Each block of stone was crafted and moved by hand. The pyramids were built with fantastic skill and accuracy
by a team of architects, engineers and stonemasons. The manual labour was provided not by slaves but by 100,000 ordinary people.
It was a towering 145m high when it was built. Over the years, it lost 10m off its top, but still ranked the tallest struture as the
tallest structure on earth for more than 43 centuries. The area inside the great pramid can accommodate 5 large cathedrals.

Originally the pyramid was cased in limestone so that it looked a brilliant white. The capstone at the top of the pyramid was
probably covered in real solid gold.

In the 14th century a massive earthque loosened many of the outer casting stones which were either stolen or became rubble at its
base. Nevertheless, many of the casting stones which were stolen or became rubble at its base of the great pyramid can be seen
to this day and display the skill and workmanship that went into creating them.

The entrance to the great pyramid is on its north face. A number of corridors, galleries and escapeshafts lead to the kings burial chamber and other chambers inside. The kings chamber is at the heart of the pyramid and can only be reached through the great gallery and sloping corridor.

The Great Pyramid of Giza still stands today and is one of the most magnificent Seven Wonders of the earth.

The only standing 7 Wonder of this World.