Hello and welcome to our page about us.

We are a Year 7 class at an Intermediate in Hawkes Bay. We have 33 students in our class and this is the fourth wikispace that we are working on. You can find our class wikispace at www.room18tis.wikispaces.com

We are enjoying working on this wikispace because we get to show Year 8 students at our school how to use wikispaces so that hopefully one day they will start their own class wikispace - just like us.

It has been interesting to learn about the Ancient Seven Wonders of the World. When our teacher asked us if we knew any of the Seven Wonders, only one or two people could name one or two Wonders. Now we know quite a bit about all seven and are looking forward to convincing the rest of our school to vote for a new lot of Seven Wonders.